Directed by Carter Stoudt

15-year-old director Carter Stoudt and writers/actors Leila Rhodes and Bryce Solly brings their new filmmaking vision to S.K.R. (Scare. Kill. Revenge) an homage to 80’s horror/slasher flicks.


Morto Rossa 

Directed by Yan Berthemy

A dance school organizes a mysterious casting to select a dancer for a future dance show. Suzie, after passing the audition, will be chosen as the lucky winner.



Directed by Keanu Sousa Mendes

Fred is Coming at 3 pm! Will our protagonist be ready on time? Dial in for a fast-paced fun adventure of intense Pumpkin carving and spooky surprises!


The Feast

Directed by Nikolai Luka Puharich

‘The Feast’ is a New Zealand live-action horror short film following siblings Lucy and Sam as they return to their childhood home where their reclusive mother resides. They soon discover that untold horrors have come to haunt her, and must face a vile demonic force before they lose their mother for good.


Night Rituals

Directed by Haven Patrick

A young man struggles with the thought of being completely by himself.


Bracie’s Monster

Directed by Zane Durbin

A young girl’s waking nightmare



Directed by Andrew Stadler

After a freak accident in space, a mechanic crash lands on a barren ice planet unaware his ordeal is only just beginning.



Directed by Rahul Koul, Ford Cowan

Hours after the library closes, Madeleine is writing a paper about geophagia – the obsessive compulsion to consume dirt. As she searches for a book to help with her paper, something lurking in the library begins to follow her. Upon realizing that she is not alone, Madeleine sneaks through the stacks to try and find a way out.


Don’t Walk Alone in the Dark

Directed by Samantha Kate Patterson

When walking alone at night, a young woman is faced with terrifying, yet friendly monsters. However, her desire to be helpful and kind leads her human neighbor to take advantage of her



The Druid

Directed by Tawan Ploydee

A writer goes camping for research on his upcoming book, only to discover that he’s a part of something much bigger



Directed by Tawan Ploydee

An epistolary film, written for the divine from the perspective of a simple layman.


Night of The Living Pepperoni

Directed by Roland Konan

The story of an unlucky delivery guy, who is at the end of his shift, but the very beginning of a zombie outbreak.