This is our first official Bleedingham Podcast. 
In this pilot episode we have a spoiler filled review of our likes and dislikes of the recent film Alien: Covenant.
It’s our first podcast bear with us lol.
Langley West -Bleedingham Co-Founder, Co-host on The Bonus Material Podcast.
Keith, Anderson- Do: Co- host of Back to Back Films podcast , Hyperion Creative
Gary W. – Bleedingham Co- Founder, Digital storyteller.

BleedinghamTV: Episode 2 – Midnight Delight / Heather Marie Bartel

In this episode we showcase Filmmaker Justin Robert Vinall and his film “Midnight Delight”

Afterwards Ms. Mandible speaks with Heather Marie Bartels about the nuances of judging film festivals.

Both Amazing interviews with local film community. you should defintiely check these out!


BleedinghamTV: Episode 1 – Scent of a Kill

Greetings Filmmakers and fright fans! Check out our first episode of BleedinghamTV where we showcase the film:
Scent of a Kill from Curious Eyes company.
BleedinghamTV is devoted to showcasing various aspects of the film making and horror community. Stay tuned for episode 2 and STAY Scary!

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