BLEEDINGHAM is an annual short horror film festival set in Bellingham, WA that showcases the
work of Northwest filmmakers. The first Bleedingham was held in October of 2012 and
was a rousing success; with only 3 months preparation, the festival organizers were able
to put together an event that received 24 entries and sold out a 170 seat theater.

Due to growing popularity, each year’s event has been bigger and better than the year before.
Entries received from WA state and from all over the world are selected and scored by a
non-participating, professional panel of judges. All money collected from submission fees and ticket sales goes back into the festival 100% for the following year’s prizes and festivities.

Awards will be given for films in a variety of areas. Like all film related awards, the Bleedingham statues have a name, they are called “Bloodies.” This year, in
addition to the statues, WA state filmmakers will be competing for a cash prize of $1000 for best film. The Bloodies and cash awards ceremony will be held Saturday, on opening night of the public screening of Bleedingham films at the Pickford Film Center. The International films will be awarded separately from WA state films and will be shown Sunday at the Pickford.

The Bleedingham Film Festival is put on by a few local film enthusiasts and supported by a large community of filmmakers, as well as the people and local businesses of Bellingham.
With the loss of the NW PROJECTIONS film festival, local filmmakers had been looking for more opportunities to not only show their movies, but to compete with each other in a continual attempt to improve their skills. To fill this need, the coordinators behind the Bleedingham Film Festival decided
to help expand the opportunities for filmmakers to have their films seen.
While the Bellingham film community routinely produces socially conscious projects,
historical documentaries and dramatic pieces, the festival’s organizers realized they could fill a fun niche, and, being horror fans, they elected to create a one night festival
that focused on horror, holding it near Halloween.
By teaming up with the Pickford Film Center, we have the perfect venue to show films locally. Due to the popularity of the festival, Bleedingham is now a 3 day weekend event for horror fans!

One of the goals of the organizers of Bleedingham
is to increase awareness of the thriving Bellingham and Northwest film community to a wider audience.
Through efforts like Bleedingham, combined with film projects brought in by local
production companies, we would like to see more jobs added for our growing film community.
We are working towards our goal of connecting with other venues and even other
festivals across the state in order to bring local films from all over Washington to a wider
audience and get other communities excited to support their local filmmakers. So, if you
want to help to make Bleedingham Film Festival a regular part of the local film tradition,
as well as support independent filmmakers, submit your film, buy a ticket to the show,
watch the entries on YouTube and tell your friends!

The driving force behind the creation of Bleedingham comes from two local
filmmakers with a passion for making horror films: Gary Washington and Langley West.

Gary is a writer, videographer, director, editor and marketer who revels in the world of horror. A graduate of WWU’s Fairhaven College, Gary supports the local community through his work with organizations like Friends of the San Juan’s, Honorworks, The Makeshift, Fairhaven College, The Pickford Film Center and other various local causes. Gary utilizes his skills by bringing together the local community of filmmakers to produce promotional videos and non-judged shorts for the Bleedingham Film Festival. His amazing networking skills have helped the committee connect with filmmakers and other local organizations that assist in building a stronger film support system and community.

Langley West is a special effects expert who has had ties to the horror film industry for years. Langley’s expertise in the horror world has helped find expert judges, add special effects to promotional videos and add a horror edge to the festival. Langley is also the creator of Bleedingham mascot, Bloody. Additionally, Bleedingham’s trophies, the Bloodies, are his sole creation. Langley painstakingly makes every trophy by hand that are awarded each year.

Both Gary and Langley have also taught classes to eager film students at Fairhaven College at Western Washington University.

When searching for judges, it is important that the judges have a
background in horror, film, writing or other forms of popular entertainment. Our past line-ups have been a collection of horror writers, filmmakers and professional horror fans.

The festival coordinators are looking forward to the establishment of Bleedingham as a
local, fun and lasting tradition and can’t wait to see what filmmakers are able to come up
with this year. They are working hard to make sure that each year’s festival is bigger and
better than the one before. In the meantime, they remind everyone to Stay Scary!


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    • Hi Pat Tickets will be available online and at the Pickford Film Center starting October 17th! We will make an announce via our website and social media outlets:)

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