Mission Statement


Don't go in there!BLEEDINGHAM is a short horror film festival that calls Bellingham, Washington home.  We are dedicated to promoting the continual growth of filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest by providing a venue for their films where they can be rewarded for their hard work and receive critical feedback from professionals.  Through services such as workshops and databases, we provide training and resources designed to improve filmmaking in the area.  We do this within the fun and exciting arena of the horror genre, but seek to help all filmmaking endeavors.  Our goal is to grow with each festival, implement filmmakers’ suggestions in an effort to continually improve the festival, add additional related activities to support the horror genre as a whole, improve the quality of local filmmaking, support independent DIY projects, be a launching pad for filmmakers who wish to become professionals in the industry and promote all local filmmakers’ efforts.  Our motto is “Stay Scary.”

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