2015 Entries

Check out some of our Bleedingham 2015 entries!

Film Name: Left Alive

Team Name: Rawr


Film Name: Slender: The Emasculated

Team Name: The Guy Cave


Film Name: Costume Contest

Team Name: Bracken Basement Productions


Film Name: Pets

Team Name: Gloomy Sunday Productions


Film Name: Within

Team Name: Fourth Corner Films


Film Name: The Banshee

Team Name: Breathable Air Films


Film Name: Imito

Team Name: Colie Productions


Film Name: Giske

Team Name: Oort Cloud Productions


Film Name: Tell Me Where it Hurts

Team Name: Bellingham Horror Movie Gathering Society


Film Name: Let the White One In

Team Name: NBP Studios


Film Name:  Just the Trip

Team Name: Evil Twin Films


Film Name: Sisyphus

Team Name: Kieraawesley


Film Name: Sam

Team Name: Mack a Roni Productions


Film Name: Green State

Team Name: Greenpiece


Film Name: Encounter

Team Name: Sehome Film Club


Film Name: Passenger

Team Name: Carted Entertainment

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