2014 Entries

2014 Entry: Rotation

Submitted By: Coffee N Donutz Productions

2014 Entry: Mordecai’s Masquerade

Submitted By: D4 Productions

2014 Entry: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Submitted By: Cinesaurus

2014 Entry: Annabel Lee

Submitted By: Parallel Planet Productions

2014 Entry: Coffee Curse

Submitted By: Hellspresso

2014 Entry: Endings

Submitted By: Carted Entertainment

2014 Entry: The Fairhaven Hotel

Submitted By: Scoticvs Productions

2014 Entry: Forever’s Kiss

Submitted By: Colie Productions

2014 Entry: Hide and Shriek

Submitted By: Rumored Productions

2014 Entry: Hushabye

Submitted By: Mitch Calhoun

2014 Entry: Mommy

Submitted By: Barone Films

2014 Entry: Ostiumphobia

Submitted By: Gerent Gerrity

2014 Entry: Pokin’ Around the Occult

Submitted By: Aurora Whore Show

2014 Entry: The Gripper

Submitted By: Brian Atkinson

2014 Entry: Thirsty for Love

Submitted By: Rumored Productions

2014 Entry: Wake Up

Submitted By: Angelina Morales

2014 Entry: When Boys Play in the Woods

Submitted By: WPBW Production Team

2014 Entry: The Donner Party

Submitted By: Keith Anderson-Do

2014 Entry: The Risening

Submitted By: DK & Jordan Productions

2014 Entry: Hallow Treat

Submitted By: Gloomy Sunday Productions






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