Endless Summer: The joy of working with our local creative community

Bleedingham is no small feat. It’s impossible to pull off without the support of our local community at large, from the Businesses that donated prizes, to the local events that cross promote with us during festival season.

Every venture is a joint effort with a rockstar from the Bellingham community.

One of our favorite parts of the festival season is getting together with other local filmmakers, FX artists, actresses and actors to create the videos you see populating our social media feeds.

Without their volunteer efforts, no promotional videos would be possible. Their dedication is a reflection of how passionate the Bellingham creative community is about the craft of visual storytelling.

This summer was no exception as we gathered with various local talent to produce some of our funnest promos yet. 

We shot a total of four promos, each one working with different teams of creatives.

The first two promos we shot with local horror director, Michelle Nessk.

Michelle brought some great insight to the table and we hope that it was reflected in our work.



The Third Promotional promo “The Festival Attendee” was shot in downtown Bellingham with the help of some amazing talented costuming and practical effects artist  Kris Carroll and Leilani Wilson.




This microtale was crafted with author Micky Neilson who also wrote the  creature’s monologue.

By combining our collective visions for this project, we were able to pull of a unique little vid with decent production value for the resources available.



Last but not Least was Vampire Hunters! This promo will premiere during as a part of the festival screening intro sequence.

Our friends from the Vancouver B.C. effects scene came down to show some local creatives how to apply makeup and pull off some effects.

Joined by Foam prop makers, models, actors, film enthusiasts and other creatives we had a fun and informative time creating a kind of 80’s action movie vibe promo


At the end of the day, it’s been a heck of a summer as our team has committed to a labor of love so that we may celebrate our storytelling community and bring you one hell of a show.

Hope to see you there.