Creepy Cornucopia

Bleedingham presents this year’s Creepy Cornucopia, an eclectic mix of local horror and more out of state/international top films, plus, featuring the winning 5 minute film challenge horror short!


Directed by: Jon Robinson

A needle worker is toiling away when his world collides with that of an unknown darkness.

Human Trash

Directed by: Aitor Almuedo Esteban

A boy is thrown into a trash container from the future. In his frantic search for the exit, he runs into a mysterious man, who will make him doubt the origin of his own existence.


Directed by: Glenn Pindell Allyn

A well-meaning warlock creates a potion to heal the oceans; however, it gets flushed down the toilet by maintenance before the final ingredient is added, thus polluting all of Bellingham Bay, along with the rest of the world’s seas.


Directed by: Grant Reid

When a man attempts to outperform a machine by replacing it, he finds the line between man and machine is blurred.

The Contents of Tape 22 

Directed by: Seth Nolan

Not One Person Escaped 

Directed by: Tim Rodenberger

When personal tragedy strikes, Dr William Ashby goes to great lengths to find peace, but does he have the resolve to make the difficult choice when faced with a critical decision?


Directed by: Kyle Boynton

Moonshadow Jones, a “renowned” virtual healer, has finally decided to join the 2020 presidential election, using a platform he believes has wide appeal.

Alternate Games

Directed by: Mitchell Allan Boyce

A heartbroken young man thrift shops an old walkie talkie in which he finds written instructions for a ritualistic radio game gambling his life in exchange for his lovesick memory erased.


Directed by: Sam McCullough

A young women goes out for a night of fun on the town. When she comes home, she has a mysterious love bite on her neck. Shrugging it off, she under goes a drastic change over the next few days.

24 Roll

Directed by: John Heinekey

A nature lover goes on a camping trip with only herself and her camera. But after her roll of film is developed she finds a disturbing secret in the photos…


Directed by: Eric Swiz

When her best friend turns to her for help, a reluctant Gemma shares her darkest and most powerful secret. This was a mistake.

Trash Mermaid

Directed by: Leilani Fisher

A prisoner seeks escape in this indie horror/dark comedy stop-motion short, featuring original tracks by Depth Hoar.