2021 WASHINGTON STATE SHORT FILM OFFICIAL SELECTION

Bleedingham presents the official selection of WA state films for Bleedingham X! Join us as we celebrate 10 years of macabre storytelling, support local WA state filmmakers and check out their tales of terror for 2021!

Hyena Asphyxia

Directed by: Byron Gouette

A murderous photographer eyes his next female victim for a fashion spread – she has other ideas.

Meet the Devil

Directed by: Casey Crocker

A young man is haunted by strange occurrences after he flees the scene of a car accident on a haunted highway.

Drink. Smoke. Snort…and Drink Again!

Directed by: Keith Anderson-Do

An addict looking for a fix is surprised when his usual dealer is replaced by a woman, leading to an unfortunate confrontation.


Directed by: Julien Raphael Scherliss

Maslow just wants to help.


Directed by: Thayne Yazzie

Looking for one-night-stand, a man finds himself in an unsuspecting situation.



Directed by: Brodin Petrichor

Two women meet up for a date in the park. The needs of one outweigh the needs of the other.


Directed by: Michael Rognlie

A man contends with his new smart home, and the horrors of its past.

Primal Balance

Directed by: Kris Carroll

A walker ends up as an unexpected piece in a necessary ancient balance.


Directed by: Tanem Davidson

A traveler returns with an ancient relic, unaware of the terror it possesses.

Familiar Prey

Directed by: Amber Huffer, Ty Huffer

A masked psycho with a thing for zip ties, finds out what happens when you come between an empowered woman and her familiar.

When the Storm Passes

Directed by: Luke Sarabacha, Benjamin Sarabacha

“Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm of woven paces and of waving hands, and in the hollow oak he lay as dead, and lost to life and use and name and fame. Then crying ‘I have made his glory mine, ‘ and shrieking out ‘O fool !’ the harlot leapt adown the forest, and the thicket closed behind her, and the forest echo’d ‘fool'”…


Directed by: Ethan Van Liew

An aging farmer struggles, with his spiral into eternity.

Spare Body

Directed by: Ethan Hunt

The Garlic Bulb Challenge

Directed by: Brian Carlin

Mark Harris is an intrepid journalist for Vampire News Tonight! on Cascadia Valley Public Access TV. His latest investigation into vampire teens engaging in a dangerous challenge will yield some fascinating insights!