5 Minute Film Challenge


Toys Will Be Toys

Directed by Jennifer McLendon

Two guys must face their inner most fears when a toy comes out to play.

I’m In Danger

Directed by Nicky Smit

As a young woman wakes up to find herself kidnapped and restrained, will she have what it takes to escape from her kidnappers?


Directed by Nathaniel Jones

An unexpected way to become a vampire.


Directed by Adrian Al Jazzar

The film symbolizes family abuse.

Fashion Kills

Directed by Temara Heta

Rachel a fashion student encounters an evil presence in her house while doing her studies what will happen to her?

Don’t Get Picked Up

Directed by Allie Nelson

A woman doesn’t pick up after her dog which angers the aliens.

I’m Frankenstein

Directed by Jacob J Bacigalupa

A music video about electrified Frankenstein


Directed by Monstark 

A traveler is snatched away on a monstrous voyage in this handmade puppet horror film based on the poem by H.P. Lovecraft.

Don’t Look in the Closet

Directed by Skylar Patterson

After spending a debaucherous night out, Tommy arrives home to find his wife missing… and an evil presence lurking about.

Apartment 24 

Directed by Izzy Church

Katherine finds an ad for a “too good to be true” apartment and checks it out. She meets with the “real estate” agent, played by Jacque, who has been luring girls back to the apartment. Inside apartment 24, we see Aislinn gagged and tied up. But Jacque is not a simple predator; the night-shift abductor who once lived in apartment 24 has possessed Jacque’s body and is using him to continue his rampage.

The Harrowing

Directed by Brendan O’Neill

A woman tries to save her children from mysterious alien spacecraft that have appeared over cities worldwide.

Prince of Hell

Directed by Markus Wimberger

A man receives a book about black magic from a stranger. He then tries to summon demonic powers. But you don’t play with the powers of hell…


Directed by Kayla Marriott

A women ventures into the woods during a full moon

The Death of an Aristocratic Family

Directed by Daniel Richardson

A detective struggles after witnessing a particularly gruesome crime scene. A horror take on the old Aristocrats joke.