Student Film Selection


Directed by Serkan Aktaş

“Mirrorty” is about the mysterious disappearance of a man who lives alone in a city where people are vanished mysteriously, who is alienated from society and ignorant to social tragedies.

A Shot of Noir

Directed by Jason Glenn, Chris McAllister

Detective Pip is kidnapped by crime boss syndicate Victoria as she persuades him to turn over a powerful magical artifact.

The Master

Directed by Grayson Sebert Antreassian

A deeply disturbed young woman is torn between fervor and remorse in the aftermath of the execution of her licentious, dark desires.


Directed by Ian Odermatt

A young man moving into his new apartment finds out his roommate isn’t who he thought he was…


Directed by Lauren Bowman

After attending a college frat party, a female student tries to walk herself back to the dorms but is soon followed by an unwelcome stranger. A dark comedy-horror short film satirizing classic horror movie tropes.


Directed by Donovan Lainhart

Reflections is a psychological thriller about a young man, Eli, who has an irrational fear of mirrors.

The fear of mirrors serves as a metaphor for Eli’s never ending cycle of self-loathing. When Eli’s repressed emotions reach a breaking point, his reflection comes to life in a malevolent form, forcing him to confront his true inner demons.

The Scoot-Scoot Man

Directed by Amber Dalby

A seemingly nice old man is riding his scooter through his neighborhood one day. However when he made fun of by a group of rude teens, he finally shows his true colors.

A Study in Cyborgs

Directed by Bruce Brockett

Two consulting detectives are brought in to investigate a peculiar crime scene. Very peculiar…


Directed by Mr Howie

A teenage girl awakens in a nightmarish world as she struggles to understand how and why she is there.

Agent GB

Directed by Emmett Swann

The FBI learns of a cult’s plans to stage a chemical attack against the general public. Can they stop it in time?

The Murk

Directed by Nicole Wackerly

After her mother falls mysteriously ill, an ambitious, young lawyer must work to discover the root of her mother’s illness before an ominous presence in the water threatens her life.


Directed by Syl Hildebrandt

A young woman attempts to navigate her complicated family dynamic when she notices something in her house she has never seen before.

First Girl

Directed by Ellie Konn

First times are terrifying.

…and Blood!

Directed by Caitlin Stow

Three women barricade a house against the zombie apocalypse.