Out of State/International Official Selection




Directed by Conscian Morgan

When a white civil servant goes to his Nigerian girlfriend’s family home to ask for their blessing, he is forced to face the darkness hidden in his history.

Friendly Competition

Directed by Zachary Britt

A young couple out playing Mini-golf begin to be tormented by the evil spirit of the golf course after one of them cheats on the scorecard.

The Elevator Game

Directed by Lenox Myette

The strange and sudden suicide of a good friend provokes two co-workers to engage in the sordid rules of The Elevator Game in hopes of reaching another dimension where their friend might actually be trapped.

The Closer You Get

Directed by Mairin Hart

Lo, a woman struggling with trust, self-confidence, and newly developed hallucinations, has to decide whether or not to stay in a relationship with her partner, Emma. The Closer You Get shines a light on toxic relationships and the lengths one will go through to “try and make things work”.

After Hours

Directed by Jakob Owens

When a man arrives at a secluded cabin in the desert to meet his best friend, he quickly finds out that they’re not alone.

Dead Drop

Directed by Tiffany Melia

A young woman awakes in the middle of the night to find a sinister delivery man standing in her front yard. What follows is a strange journey into an untimely end. Sometimes we still get things not meant for us.

The Wheel

Directed by Nikhil Bhagat

A woman is terrorized by a cursed antique.


Directed by Mary-Madison Baldo

In a last-ditch effort to find a girlfriend, socially inept Sean (Manny De León) hires pretentious playboy Kenny (Devon Suboreau) for a perverted pick-up session at the local dive. After a shot or two, they feast their eyes on the stunning Caroline (Ducky Suboreau) and select her as their target. With the assistance of clandestine technology, Sean secretly gets a first-person-view of Kenny’s every move on Caroline, eventually leading him to follow the flirtatious pair to Caroline’s colorful home. There, Caroline treats Kenny to a ritual she’s perfected over many years – an activity neither man expects. Danny is a short film that explores the predatory tendencies of the human psyche, the scars that tragedy creates, and will leave you intrigued, disgusted, shocked, and satisfied.

The Universe and You

Directed by Brendan Mitchell

A professor with a cable access show in the 1980s answers viewer calls about the supernatural and unexplained in our universe.


Directed by Adam Kirkey

Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.