Bleedingham Presents: The Creepy Cornucopia




Bleedingham Film Festival continues on with the Creepy Cornucopia film block!

This content block is an eclectic mix of local spotlight films and more terrifying tales from Across the globe!

Enjoy this diverse mix of horror from October 26th -November 2nd, 2020!


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This Halloween treat yourself to over 12 HOURS of amazing horror content from across the world!

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The Humanity Test

Directed by: Samuel Mitchell, Lily Kaplan

The year is 2058, and the global population is currently 2.6 billion thanks to the implementation of the Humanity Test. Global-citizens that receive a passing humanity score will then retake the test every subsequent 25 years until their death. If a global-citizen fails the Humanity Test at any point, they are immediately terminated.


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From the Dark

Directed by: Matthew Van Ginkel

On the heels of a tragic accident, two brothers are left to their own devices during a thunderstorm that takes a supernatural turn.


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Cravings from Within

Directed by: Dina McNeil

A young family’s camping trip goes terribly wrong, as they are not prepared for the horror that awaits them.




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Familiar Prey

Directed by: TY HUFFER

A masked psycho with a thing for zip ties, finds out what happens when you come between an

empowered woman and her familiar.

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Directed by: Ferman Narin

Hatice lives in the field with her two children and lives hand to mouth. One day, the shepherd of the village, Recep, is killed by Pirabok. After this incident, families of children send them from the village. Hatice and her children, who are alone in the village, face the curse of Pirabok.



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Wicca Book

Directed by: Vahagn Karapetyan

This is a story about Wicca book. The book which devil plagued mankind with suffering. The all-powerful book of the Witches. But wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent would suffer, there would be Mia.



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Terror From The Light 

Directed by: Wei Geng

A girl witnessed a traffic accident which she thought was caused by the light from her car.

While parking, she saw something wired standing in front of her. Followed by more bizarre

things, the girl realized that these wired things are sending a horrible message to her




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The Creeping Darkness

Directed by: Kraig Krueger

An injured woman crosses the desert in an attempt to reach civilization, knowing that once the

sun sets, what took her friends will surely come to finish her off.




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The Shade

Directed by: Tyler Chipman





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The Mind Festers First

Directed by: Cameron Bonham

THE MIND FESTERS FIRST is a wartime horror short following two WWI U.S. soldiers, Jack

(Mason Bosworth) and Gerald (Matt Zone), as the blow up artillery shells among Belleau Wood,

France. However, when they stumble upon a mysterious weapon, these woods warp into an evil

and strange nightmare.




The Wishing Well

Directed by Talking To Crows

Snow White loves to sing, especially into wishing wells.


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by Bleedingham Collaborative Productions

It was a night of friendship and gaming, then Joey got a text that would change everything.


Rainbow Island

Directed by: Quin Bendersky

Two teenagers search the woods for their missing friend after she mysteriously vanishes in the middle of the night.

Car Camp

Directed by: Seth Nolan

Two friends decide to camp in their car while driving through the forest.

Preserve Your Memories

Directed by: Andrew Tribolini

When a young man learns his inheritance consists only of memories, he tries to bury them.