Bleedingham Presents: The Shelter in Place Challenge


Ah. The quarantine. Such a dreadfully dreary and powerful way to make so many humans

around the world share the same feeling of unease, as we ponder this invisible, and unknown

deadly invader together.

Since many of us were forced to isolate for long periods of time and into the present, we felt that, in this, that we wanted to encourage the practice of creativity and storytelling in the most minimalist of ways.

So we presented filmmakers with a challenge, to

create a short story, while in lockdown, with the tools you have at your disposal.

The Shelter in Place: 5 minute Film Challenge is a collection of scary stories from around the

world that Bleedingham is pleased to present on Friday, Oct 30 at 7pm Pacific standard time on

our Youtube channel.

Stay tuned until the end of the films, as we will present one film as the

winner of $300 for best film!

There will also be a special presentation of the Night Gallery:Horror

Fashion show: Cursed Forest at the beginning of the screening!

Please check in on our social media, website or our Facebook event for the link as it goes live

on Friday!

Link to films:


Fccda363d4 poster

In The Deep

Directed by: En Nelson-Correia

A song from the deep has stripped Anne of her love and guiding light. A pirate captain travels to

the depths of the sea to bring back the light of the moon. My final film at Calarts. Inspired by

loss and internal struggle, two pirates fall into the deep.


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The Shape of You

Directed by: GOH Ming Siu, Scott C. HILLYARD

When a couple meet illegally for a booty call during lockdown, they end up getting more than

they bargained for…

A lockdown/quarantine/”circuit breaker” short film, with music from Golden Horse Award-winner

Teo Wei Yong. Remotely created and produced in May 2020.


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Directed by: Doug Rollins

An date suddenly gets an unwelcome (and undead) guest. A young woman welcomes a young

man in with a glass of wine and proudly shows him her inherited Grandfather clock… which

seems to take on a life of its own.

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Directed by: Mark Jackson

A child goes on a scary adventure

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Directed by: Roshni “Rush” Bhatia

Four college best friends must confront reality when they’re sent back to their home countries in

the midst of a global shutdown.

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Wellness Check

Directed by: Andrew Jara

Kristy just wants Mark to answer the phone to make sure he’s safe. It’s scary out there.


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Familiar Prey

Directed by: TY HUFFER

A masked psycho with a thing for zip ties, finds out what happens when you come between an

empowered woman and her familiar.

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A Mother’s Love

Directed by: Adam H Stewart

A first time mother’s will do anything to make her infant girl happy.


A Mother’s Blood : Trailer from adamhstewart on Vimeo.

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Directed by: Hyuri Constâncio

A woman gets trapped in her own apartment with an unknown presence. Unable to call for help,

her only choice is to face the unknown head on, but this presence may be something far more

sinister than she was anticipating.


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Directed by: Doug Rollins

A gang of happy Halloween party animals are heading for the haunted party of the year, when

they are accosted by a strange old man. He’s laying flowers for a funeral that hasn’t happened

yet…or has it? This is going to be one party no one forgets in a hurry!

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Wrong Day

Directed by: Doug Rollins

A knock on your door at midnight reveals a strangely-dressed Killer Clown. But there’s no need

for alarm as it’s just a crazy Halloween prank…or is it?

Bce4221f2d poster



Directed by: Adrian Al Jazzar

The soul of a murderer

6771b823a7 poster

Halloween Girls

Directed by: Doug Rollins

A young London horror fan in Los Angeles makes a pilgrimage to a famous location from the

70s classic “Halloween”…only to discover the past never dies.

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The Catch

Directed by: October Yates

A fishermen gets a bite.


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Lo Siento Gerald

Directed by: Roger Ribera

One hour has passed when Gerald’s girlfriend Sira finally shows up. However, Sira does have a

surprise for him. Will that make up for her tardiness?

A145388c9c poster

Welcome Home

Directed by: Elizabeth Fields

Becca is looking forward to settling into her new house. She’s excited to have a place all her

own, but she soon finds being home means you’re never truly alone…

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Cooking with Mark

Directed by: Mark Jackson

Spoof cooking film with a big surprise.


The Consecration of 511 Fir St.

Directed by: Scott Kelston

Crystal returns from errands to find a strange presence in her house. Instead of taking direct

action against this presence, she instead opts to cleanse the house by burning sage and lighting

candles. The presence, undeterred by the consecration, strangles her as she readies for a date.

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Dark Soon

Directed by: Nina Romain

“Dark Soon” is an Los Angeles-shot found-footage spliced with Ringu creepiness. Four young

LA filmmakers head to a nearby ghost town called Murphy’s Ranch. There they start shooting a

docu about how the Nazis built it, planning to colonise LA.

But as the sunshine fades, they realise that there could be some remaining World War 1 evil

lurking in the deserted location – and this just might be the last footage they ever shoot…

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Vicious Valentine

Directed by: Nina Romain

Two young film makers are in Los Angeles shooting a docu about the creepiest place to have a

Valentine’s Day date. When they find themselves exploring a deserted zoo, despite the

warnings of their friend in Venice Beach, things start to go wrong. Is someone stalking them on

the Valentine’s Day from hell?

LA actor Nick DeLillo and Brit actors Malcolm Modele and David Dooner play a team of

filmmakers shooting a docu about unlikely locations for Valentine’s Day dates. Griffith Park Zoo,

which has been closed since 1966, on the outskirts of LA is a wasteland of abandoned cages

and deserted fake “caves” that the animals had been kept in, now littered with rubbish and

covered in graffiti.

Malcolm and David’s characters find some Valentine’s Day style gifts – as David’s character

uneasily asks: “Who leaves random roses in a place like this?” – and they start to realise they

are in fact being stalked in the Zoo by their own killer “date”.

Under the Cover of Virus

Directed by: Zeke Farrow

Zeke is dissatisfied with the toilet paper in quarantine.

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Wishful Keep

Directed by: Paul Kelly

COVID-19 confined, one individual envisions an idyllic, wishful keep.


Directed by: Zeke Farrow

A micro documentary about Rachi Farrow, my mother the artist.

Back Home

Directed by: Jacob Maximillian Baron

A man returns home from his daily trip into a dangerous outside world. Filmed on the iPhone 6

for Roger Corman’s Quarantine Film Challenge.



Directed by: Poorna Amarasena

In a future day the whole world is struggling to find drinking water. People buy water at any cost

and a finding of a new spring of water is breaking news.

An Asian rural woman tries to survive on this by sacrificing everything she has. People have

become heartless robbers, fighting against the water crisis. In this world no one knows what the

next moment is. You have to see, for how long she can survive like this. Her story can be the

story of all of us one day.

Bear In The Basement

Directed by: Julian Tepfers

A man is trapped in his basement with what may or may not be a bear.