Bleedingham XI presents the Creepy Cornucopia Block

Bleedingham presents this year’s Creepy Cornucopia!

An eclectic mix of local horror, AWARD winning 15-30 minute films, best student film

and more killer international films to get you in a scary mood for Halloween!






Directed by Jamie Gower

“walla” (noun): sound effect imitating a background crowd

Why is the apartment downstairs so noisy? Maybe you don’t want to know…



Head Rot

Directed by Ryan Kerr

Russel is awoken by an unwelcome voice.



The South Road

Directed by Grace Madland

A wandering knight, Godwin, and his ward, Clover, stop at a tavern on their journey.

The locals plead with them to avoid the south road, warning of great danger ahead.

Unfazed, Godwin ignores their advice and heads south, unaware of the horrors that await.

The Murder Hornet of Bayview Cemetery

Directed by Ian H Landon

Man gets stung by hazardous waste infected murder hornet and becomes one himself.    


In The Shadow Of God

Directed by Brian Sepanzyk

As a woman packs up her childhood home following the passing of her father,

she comes to learn that there may have been a more sinister threat behind his death,

long buried on the grounds of the family home.


Love You, Mama

Directed by Alexandra Magistro

After the sudden death of her father, a young woman becomes haunted

by the uncertainty of the world around her.


The Lamb

Directed by Elijah Ziegler

During their awkward first date, timid Charlie tries to maintain his cool with Lucille,

an odd and intense young woman who might have some ulterior motives.



Directed by Elizabeth Yoder

Frustrated lovers duel to outwit each other but face life-or-death consequences triggered 

by suppressed fantasies and unexpressed desires.      


Directed by J.Lee Vertz

A former intelligence operative turned roque scientist develops a powerful and dangerous serum under the guise of a street drug.

Bent on revenge and an insatiable urge to control the masses, he kidnaps unsuspecting victims in order to carry out his experimentation and ultimately, perfect his serum.

The noxious concoction is finally showing promise with Subject 13, creating the perfect amalgamation of raw fury and a primal thirst for violence. The destruction of mankind has begun.


Directed by Evan Ryan

A young man traumatized by war and death struggles to keep his grip on reality.

Bellingham’s Belief

Directed by Tom Salvaggio

1954 – Panic erupts when the citizens of Bellingham, Washington

notice strange cracks in their car windshields.

What is causing this mysterious phenomenon?


Directed by Andrew Stadler

After a freak accident in space,

a mechanic crash lands on a barren ice planet unaware his ordeal

is only just beginning.






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