Bleedingham XI WA State Official Selection

Bleedingham presents the official selection of WA state films for Bleedingham year 11! Join us as we celebrate 11 years of macabre storytelling, support local WA state filmmakers and check out their tales of terror for 2022! 



The Last Sunrise: An Executioner’s Story

Directed by Alejandro Gomez

A horror/drama short film about a family of three out on another night of vampire hunting.

“A family that slays together – stays together.”


The Cookie Crumbles

Directed by Daniel Hickey

It’s cookie season. You can’t resist. No one can resist.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting…

Directed by Brie Williams

A short horror film about the lengths some of us go to get pregnant.


Death in a Box

Directed by Simeon Gregory

A mysterious organic box appears floating above the ground just outside of town.

Samara convinces her best friend Ava to check out the box and its sinister revelations quickly unfold.

13 Callaway Place

Directed by Jesse James Hennessy

Barry and Laura drive out to interview a secluded Claire Eastman,

survivor of a serial killer rampage, for their soon to be best selling book about Final Girls.

I Can Only Eat Ham

Directed by Nathan J Blanchard

She can only eat ham.

In The Grey Light

Directed by Emilio Cerrillo

After tragedy befalls his family, a guilt-laden ex-Marine must dive inward and learn self-forgiveness

before his personal torment consumes everything he’s ever known.

Hard to Find a Friend

Directed by Gabe Mouer

A lonely boy wants desperately for a playmate and will go to great lengths to get one…


Directed by Christopher C Wyatt

What happens when two idiots go hunting and get into trouble?

Die Scream Hate

Directed by Tommy Heffernan, Alex Furnas

A young girl finds herself caught in the battle between witches and witch hunters.

Soul Casket

Directed by Ethan Hunt

A teenager’s camping trip turns to horror as the unnerving discovery of an ornate box that has the ability to completely contain a human soul leads him to experience perplexing, unimaginable occurrences.

Barbarisma de la Crucifixa

Directed by Byron Gouette

A deformed ballet dancer finds a pair of cursed shoes forcing her to focus on becoming “beautiful”instead of her dance passion.

Safe And Sound

Directed by Michael Cruz Kehoe

A young woman suspects an ominous presence in the place she feels safest. Home.