Bleedingham XI Best Feature AND MORE Block



Bleedingham XI Best Feature AND MORE Block





Bleedingham Best Feature Film: Skagit

Directed by: Nick Thompson

Four friends leave Seattle for a weekend in a remote, rain-soaked corner of Washington State’s rustic Skagit Valley.

The foreboding October landscape begins to warp their minds, plunging each of them into alternate realities where they must grapple with personal demons, sexual tensions,

and a sinister natural world as they claw their way back to sanity.



Opening short film for feature: Ghost in the Rearview Mirror 

Directed by: Galen Andrus

After a string of murders, Amy, a ruthless serial killer, begins to question if her methods are working anymore.

Her victim’s pain begins to wear on her, when she is confronted by a strange woman who seems to defy all expectations.