WA State Official Selection (15 mins and Under)


WA STATE Short Films (15 min and Under)


Howdy Horror Fans and Filmmakers alike!

Here is the lineup for our Washington State Short Films (15 mins and under Category)

These Fine Northwestern Films will compete for the thousand dollar grand prize!

Find out who will take home Best Film on Halloween, as we broadcast our award ceremony!

Enjoy a week of some of the best new horror and tales of the macabre, starting October 26th and running through November 2nd, 2020!

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(15mins and Under Category)

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The Black Tree

Directed by: Coral Untalan

When a well-to-do woman finds an abandoned girl in the woods, she takes her home to care for her and quickly realizes the child may not be who she appears.



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Directed by: Jon Robinson

A needle worker is toiling away when his world collides with that of an unknown darkness.


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Silent Threads

Directed by: Elena R Stecca, Suzanne Mackay

Catina Friedman endures daily pestering by her coworker Ralph, and when prompted to take on a controversial and scandalous story, her excitement turns horror as she is gruesomely silenced.



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Truth or Death

Directed by: Christopher Wyatt

A vengeful teen crashes an online hangout of her former circle of friends. Who knew quarantine stress would be the least of their worries?





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Blind Spot

Directed by: Kira Sipler

In midst a toxic relationship, Sara is tested when she has a different way of handling a deadly accident than her boyfriend, Brandon. A story of love, loss, and making the right choice even if it means losing everything.



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Directed by: Christy Anna Wu

Depressed and in poor physical health, a man receives free healthcare at the expense of his freedom.



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Night of the Witch

Directed by: Jesse James Hennessy

It’s 1989 and there’s a horrid legend. A tale of a Maddy Martha the evil witch who comes out on Hallows Eve to kill those who party and sin. Throwing caution and lore against the wind, a group of young adults decide to throw a Halloween bash. One by one they are killed by a masked murderer until only a few remain. Is the slayer of teens really the witch of legend or a psycho with an agenda? One thing is for sure…this is the Night of the Witch!



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Directed by: Scott Lien, Ryan Jones

A lustful college student finds himself paralyzed in bed while facing a twisted manifestation of his desires.


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There’s a Ghost in the House

Directed by: Becky Sayers, Brad McHargue

A couple’s fractured relationship is pushed to the brink when an unexpected visitor shows up in the middle of the night.



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The Keeping Cost

Directed by: Travis Darkow

A husband stuck in a perpetual cycle of enacting revenge on the man who killed his wife, carries on as an outside force observes the events.




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Killer Karaoke

Directed by: Jason Refsland, Cyndi Butz

Karaoke singer, Nannie, lives for the applause, but tonight this crowd is dead. What lengths is she willing to go to get the adoration she deserves? One problem. These aren’t your typical barflies.



It’s Not to Protect You

Directed by: Jake Hacker, Conor O’Keefe

Masks. You can’t breathe with them. You can’t live without them.

Tarantulas in Space

Directed by: Katie Skye Schreiber

The Visitor

Directed by: Eero Johnson

A photographer visits an abandoned building. Does not turn out well.


The Third Bedroom

Directed by: Frank Roberts

While visiting her friend for a week, Brooklyn has to choose between sleeping in a room haunted by a cannibalistic ghost or an uncomfortable couch.