Creepy Cornucopia Official Selection


Expand your Halloween weekend fun with a delightfully dark and frightening mix of WA state and international horror short films, plus the best 15-30 minute shorts and audience prizes! Join us as we celebrate this eclectic mix of terror!

Disclaimer: We do not censor filmmakers. Some films may display nudity, extreme violence, gore, adult language, triggering or disturbing content.

These films are made by independent filmmakers and are not rated. Films are recommended for mature audiences only.





Directed by Nathaniel Jones



An unexpected way to become a vampire.






Buggin’ Out

Directed by Tommy Heffernan, Melanie Strickland






When a cicada decides to make a home out of Alex’s right eye socket during a hike, his older brother Terry turns to Youtube for a solution.




The Last Executioner: A New Dawn

Directed by Alejandro Gomez


This is the follow-up to the previous short film, The Last Sunrise: An Executioner’s Story, where Kitten (Sophie Burns) is on a rampage to bring down the monsters that killed her mom, Gina (Elena Stecca).

As she reunites with her father, Simon (Alejandro Gomez), they learn of a new threat of vicious vampires.








Directed by Andrew Harris Silverman





The story follows a disillusioned man on a quest for natural sustenance.

After a challenging journey, he discovers and consumes fresh berries, initially experiencing their incredible taste, only to be overwhelmed by a sudden sickness that triggers a profound shift in his perception.

He witnesses the environmental devastation caused by corporate greed, leading to a surreal encounter with what he interprets as a divine presence, prompting deep introspection about humanity’s disconnection from nature.

This visually captivating film explores themes of environmental decay, corporate control, and the potential for transformative self-realization through a connection with the natural world.

Dead Air

Directed by Brad Etter




Shortly after receiving a vintage radio as a birthday gift from her husband, Julie begins to hear mysterious coded messages.

As she struggles to figure out the meaning – she also has to convince her dismissive husband Roger to believe the ominous warnings.




Directed by MIchael Trainotti






A Father/Son weekend adventure becomes a terrifying fight for survival.





First Girl

Directed by Ellie Konn









First times are terrifying.




Directed by Ed Castañeda





A couple’s strained relationship reaches a breaking point amidst a dinner at their neighbors and their dark secrets.





Directed by Ryan Matthew Kerr

Strange happenings begin after buying an antique.


Directed by Kellen A Kiene

4 friends are out hanging in the woods, but somethings lurking in the shadows… And no, it’s not a deer.

Don’t Get Picked Up

Directed by Allie Nelson

A woman doesn’t pick up after her dog which angers the aliens.

Plot Armor

Directed by Tim B Rodenberger

Why do certain characters in horror films survive despite the odds being very much against them?


Directed by Robin Brooks

A woman and her daughter’s strained relationship is put to the test in an afternoon at the pool when some terrifying visitors arrive.