WA State Official Selection


From the Depths

Directed by Justin Robert Vinall








Ethan is despondent. He has tried shaking off his depression but, like a thunderstorm, it grows stronger and louder. His girlfriend, Jennifer, takes him to a lake house for a much-needed vacation. While there, Jennifer recognizes that her attempts at making Ethan feel better are draining, and she starts to spiral as well.

It isn’t until one night that an alluring song cuts through the rumblings in Ethan’s mind. It’s so crystal clear….and it lures him to the dock where he finds a Siren waiting for him, tempting him to jump into the water to join her. This invitation only accelerates Ethan’s downward spiral as the Siren’s seductive whisperings follow him, promising him that serenity may be his only way out.


Directed by Byron Gouette






Shot in eye-scorching infrared, “Hellberserker” follows a woman’s revenge

into the depths of Hell after her lover’s soul is taken by demons.


Directed by Ed J Castaneda







Darkness has found a home

Salty Sirens

Directed by Elena Stecca






Fisherman, Nicholas Roe, finds himself stranded in an unfamiliar port town.

He seeks respite at the local tavern only to discover that there’s something fishy about the locals.

Come In, Stranger

Directed By Galen Andrus, Leona Britt








A mysterious woman arrives to a cottage bruised and broken.

After being taken in, the household begins to suspect she may be a witch.

In The Dark

Directed By Spencer Keller








Annie buys a seemingly innocuous chair at the thrift store,

but soon comes to regret it when she realizes something else came home with her.

Zombie Fight Club

Directed By Rob J Lawrence






The first rule of Zombie Fight Club is don’t die.

Jack Shit

Directed By Jesse James Hennessy









Be careful trick or treating on Halloween, you might end up with JACK SHIT!

The Need

Directed by Michael Rognlie, EE Tallent









David Alan Shepherd is constantly tormented by the ghosts of his own making,

and the need to keep making them.

The First

Directed by Ladies In Film Group







When her teenage sister starts showing interest in a much older, more dangerous man,

Rowan must decide between getting involved, or keeping her sisters secret


Directed by Leo Phillips

The next President of the United States of America can’t even make it through his first speech before showing his true colors…


Directed by Benjamin Barton, J Michael Mahoney

Frustrated that his parents don’t believe him, Fenton makes a deal with the nightmarish creature in his closet to show itself to them, with drastic results.

Three Houses Down

Directed by Ty Huffer









Ah… the Holidays. Filled with joy, laughter, and cheer.

And this year, murderous, knife-wielding elves. On Christmas Eve, Tiffany learns that being on the naughty list means more than a lump of coal in your stocking when she encounters a malevolent Imp among the presents under the Christmas tree.

Now she must fight for her family’s lives against the elven intruder if they are going to have a Merry Christmas.

The Invasion

Directed by Matthew Rush

A woman is home alone, or so she thinks until an extraterrestrial presence makes itself known.

The Mechanic

Directed by Nate Fieldson








A reckless young man breaks into a vacated mechanic shop and gets more than he bargained for.

The Fingernail Taker

Directed by Alex Furnas, Tommy Heffernan








A group of strangers find themselves trapped together by their innermost fears.